West Coast Road Trip

I saw a post looking for photographers to embark on an epic road trip to the west coast from Colorado over spring break, so I replied, piled into a van with some strangers, and jumped right in. It ended up being the most hectic and crazy road trip I’ve ever been on, hitting Lake Tahoe, Mount Shasta, Redwood National Forest, Portland Oregon, the Oregon Coast, Seattle, and Rainier National Park. I was exhausted after this week but got a ton of really great photos from all of the crazy beautiful places we got the chance to see. I’m lucky to have visited these places, if even for a short moment. Hopefully, one day soon, I’ll be visiting all of these places again.

_DSC0108 (1).jpg
_DSC0018 (1).jpg
_DSC0128 (1).jpg
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_DSC0207 (1).jpg
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