Hey, I’m Katie.

I started photography after taking a photo class in high school when i was 15. Since then, I’ve learned everything I know through practice and having the most patient and knowledgable friends around.

Like pretty much every PERSON FROM fORT Collins, my favorite activities include HIKINg, camping, AND petting strangers’ dogs.

i incorporate my hobbies into my photography by getting out in nature to get the best shots possible, and begging my clients to bring their dog with them.(please).

I’m going to school for a bachelor in fine arts with a concentration in fibers, so my work extends into many forms of art beyond just photography.

I love the outdoors and going hiking and camping, and since I’ve lived in Colorado my entire life, I know the rockies like the back of my hand. Let me know if you’re up for an adventure and I might just let you know about all my secret spots.